About Us

“Suhail Metal Forming” is a thriviing Qatari company in the filed of steel systems and profiles for the building sector. Suhail Metal Formings offers solutions for profiles and accessories dedicated to scaffolding & formworks indoors and outdoors. The wide range of products and services that it provides has built for the company excellent reputation in the market.
Thanks to the manufacturing based on quality, choice, and innovation, while using cutting-edge technology to manufacture

We offer a wide range of profiles and accessories using steel material and standardized product dimensions that are modular for ease of erection and dismantling. Through advanced production lines, and huge internal and external and with the help of our extensive distribution network, we can provide our products all over our main market in Qatar, the gulf region, and the middle east.

Both at the level of quality of the offered products and the raw
materials used in manufacturing; we honor our commitment to provide the clients with products of an impeccable level of quality. And this commitment extends to choosing our suppliers.
and partners who we select for their capabilities in their field.

This constant search for the best allows us to follow the wellknown
tandards, and make sure that our products are of utmost quali,ty
with extensive quality testing during the manufacturing and
finishing of the products.

As we strive to supply the market with highest quality product, we continually look for improved and innovative manufacturing methods that could reduce the price while maintaining the highest quality, this includes the extensive use of engineering and design
software to fulfill customer needs, and make sure they are satisfied with the resulting benefits of using our products.

Add Value to the Qatari Economy by localizing Skills and Technologies
Innovative Operations and High Quality Engineered Products
Environmental Responsibility and Efficiency in utilizing Resources
Attract the best Talent in the market and maintaining Employees Welfare